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At Gayatri we offer rejuvenation for your body and soul by employing a myriad of techniques and services from around the world, including massage, Reiki and polarity therapy, yoga for adults, children and pre-natal, detoxifying spa & aromatherapy treatments, meditation workshops, whole foods cooking classes and spiritual counseling. We offer group cleanses and workshops, but private lessons/instruction is also available.


2 jaw dropping Vegan Fall Recipes

Think you can't cook healthy and gourmet? Think again. These two recipes are freshly invented from food in season now. Impress your friends and your belly with a meal of Smoked Tempeh stuffed Japanese Eggplant , Roasted Spanish Padron Peppers, and Stuffed Globe Zucchinis...all jaw dropping delicious! http://wp.me/pU3Mh-U

Visit my new Blog

This months post is a recipe for Andalusian Gazpacho that will have you floored with yumminess! follow this link to read it and get straight to your blender for dinner! http://christinamcgold.wordpress.com/2010/07/13/andulacian-gazpacho/

Join me for an amazing new study about the healing properties of Sulfur!

My dad attributes beating cancer three times in 5 years to eating organic Sulfur. I have always believed our food should be our medicine. My Institute will host the San Francisco pod of this decade old nutritional study. We will take pictures of people's faces every 6 weeks to document progress and changes, and get a check in of results so far.

I am looking for people who want more energy , beauty, and immunity from chronic disease.  People with joint problems,cancer, arthritis, HIV/AIDS, depression, autism, ADD/ADHD, people trying to lose weight, vegans, vegetarians, respiratory problems, smokers, hepatitis c... all of these things have been healed so far.

This study is the most amazing work I have ever been a part of. My dad heads up the Vancouver, BC pod study. I am ready to see the healing happen in our pod... so amazing! This is big news in holistic health. Here's an article about the study.

Go here to join the Sulfur Study community at kickapps.com

Cosmo Cleanse

01/01/2010 - 12/31/2010

Join us for the Cosmo Cleanse on going in 2010. Get your personalized Nutritional Strategy sessions set up today.

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What Clients Say...

Great massage, great yoga instruction, Christie really changes people's lives. As a holistic doctor I've known about Christie's work for several years. Many of my patients have gone through her cleanse program and made tremendous positive changes. I have personally gone to her for yoga instruction and massage and found her work to be top notch. I highly recommend her services.
- Tim Dymond, Naturepathic Doctor, SF

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